My friends are social activists and they're upset that I don't want to protest with them. How do I keep these friendships intact? Hi Friend – What are your reasons for not wanting to protest? It is possible that your social activist friends might not understand your reasonings behind you not wanting to participate? I … Continue reading


I am a grad student with a crush on one of my teachers. It technically isn't against the rules for us to date and I think we could. What should I do? Hello – First, congrats on being in grad school! How much more time do you have? Because I think that can play a … Continue reading

My ex is already with someone and I see them together a lot and it's hard for me. How do I deal with these interactions? Hello There - This is a topic I can relate to on more levels than one. I am currently in the same situation, but things have gotten easier for me … Continue reading

My friends keep asking me for advice about the same issues what seems to be over and over again. How do I gently tell them that these problems seem like a bigger situation if they keep on happening, and that I keep giving them the same advice and don't know what else to do? Especially … Continue reading

Hello People of Earth and Beyond,    Welcome to Real Talk With Zoe. A blog designed to help you, the people of earth and beyond, with any sorts of problems you may or may not be having. This first blog post will be short and sweet because it is simply an introduction to what help … Continue reading