My ex is already with someone and I see them together a lot and it’s hard for me. How do I deal with these interactions?

Hello There – This is a topic I can relate to on more levels than one. I am currently in the same situation, but things have gotten easier for me over the past few weeks. To start, are you and your ex still friends? If so that will make things a lot harder for you. If you guys aren’t talking then this can be a little easier to manage. Being at the same school with an ex can be incredibly hard, especially if it is a small school. For me, currently, my school is incredibly small and I see my ex quite often in passing. In the beginning it was impossible for me to see him. I avoided him at all costs. Now that it’s been about four months I’ve gotten a little better at being able to be in the same area as him. I found that friends and talking about my feelings were the key. Although I didn’t tell my friends everything, being able to talk to them if I was hurting made the process a little easier. Seeing an ex with another person is never easy, but you need to remember that things are going to get better. How recent was the breakup? If you and your ex do not, do you have a friend close that maybe feels like your ex “flaunting” another relationship (if that’s what they’re doing) who could point it out to them that it’s not cool? If not, the best thing I think I can tell you to do is surround yourself with positive people who make you happy, put yourself back into the dating field, focusing on your academics, pick up a new hobby, start working out, do things that are going to positively impact your life and make you feel great again.


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  1. Your worth your weight in gold. Your self esteem is taking fire and you need to build yourself up again. When you can accomplish this, you need anyone to lean on, or depend on to make you happy. You’ll just be happy. Read my blogs, especially “relationships” you’ll see how to accomplish this


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