My friends are social activists and they’re upset that I don’t want to protest with them. How do I keep these friendships intact?

Hi Friend – What are your reasons for not wanting to protest? It is possible that your social activist friends might not understand your reasonings behind you not wanting to participate? I think that would be something to sit down and talk to them about. Explain that you support that they want to protest and you would be right up there with them if you didn’t feel the way you feel about it. For example, I have a lot of friends who partake in protests but I don’t because when the protests happen I am either busy or I just personally don’t feel that I can hold my ground at a protest (I’m scared). I think you should be honest with your friends about not wanting to protest but also tell them that you support their protests from the sidelines. If you’re apart of groups online or have email subscriptions about the things that they protest and you provide support by donating or talking about it. That could be a way to maybe get them to understand. You have every right to not want to protest, for whatever reasons you have. If your friends can’t understand your reasons, accept them, and still be friends with you, then I’d want you to ask yourself, how important are those friends?


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