Hello World

Hello People of Planet Earth and Beyond:

The name’s Zoe.

I’m sarcastic, blunt, honest, trustworthy, and here to help you! I’m known to call people out on their bullshit (forewarning) but somehow I manage to tell people exactly what they need to hear. I try to cater advice to the individual I am speaking to, but a big goal of mine when giving advice is to place myself in the shoes of those involved to see everything from all sides of the dice.

You can follow my advice, ignore my advice, or “regift” my advice as you deem fit (but give me credit). If you’re coming here with the hope of being told what you want to hear, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re coming here to be told what you need to hear, then welcome!

I am here to provide whatever kind of advice you need. Whether it’s how to make your english paper the bomb-dot-com or what the best way to hide a body is, I’ll figure out how to help you!


Ask me anything and I will tell you something 🙂